The One Race Human Race Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on providing hope and unbiased opportunities across racial lines.  Our for-profit partner is DreamEmpire Films, LLC, who has partnered with our charity to focus on promoting underrepresented voices in the entertainment industry and fostering the support of inclusive content production and distribution. The One Race Human Race Foundation believes that by shedding a light on content creators' talent including media influencers, advertisers, and content distributors, that a difference can be made in media, spearheading a new revolution of media that accurately reflects the cultural diversity of our country.

One of our annual initiatives is the One Race Human Race International Film Festival.   As a part of our annual festival, we encourage submission from content creators and media industry leaders, which support and create content that showcases positive female and diverse role models and eliminates negative or unconscious bias and stereotyping. We are focused on working with our partners and the community to foster inclusivity in the entertainment industry and love content that moves, touches and inspires audiences to embrace our rich tapestry of American culture eradicating sexism and racism in the industry.

Another of our initiatives is our fiscal sponsorship filmmaker partnership program.  What is Fiscal Sponsorship?
Fiscal sponsorship is an arrangement between an existing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and an individual or entity lacking the legal status needed to receive grants from foundations, individual donors, and government agencies.  This partnership allows upcoming filmmakers to solicit tax-deductible donations for their projects, thus enhancing the chance that their projects will be funded in full for production.

Our future initiatives include:

  • H.O.P.E. House - a housing project reality television show which will focus on creating H.O.P.E.  (Housing Opportunities and Personal Evolution  for the homeless.)

  • X-Min - a project that will provide housing and rehabilitation for recovering addicts.

Stay tuned to our website for upcoming events and announcements and remember that none of us is as strong as all of us.  We are ONE RACE, HUMAN RACE.

"It is time to raise the bar and demand diversity in film in front of the camera and behind the scenes" - Founder - Joyce Licorish

Our Promise

We promise to create more opportunities for filmmakers to lock arms with like-minded individuals who believe that film should represent people from all walks of life. 


Our Vision

To provide unbiased opportunities in the arts for people of all cultures and backgrounds.

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