Fiscal Sponsorship

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?
Fiscal sponsorship is an arrangement between an existing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and an individual or entity lacking the legal status needed to receive grants from foundations, individual donors, and government agencies.  

Our Fiscal Sponsorship Program Terms and Conditions

Our flat administrative fee for fiscal sponsorship is 7% of all funds received.  To see full terms and conditions, please request a copy of our Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement via the Contact Us page.

Selection Criteria and Application Process

The One Race Human Race Foundation is looking for unique culturally diverse projects from talented filmmakers ranging from first-time novices to those more firmly established in the indie film community. The project’s viability, both financial and artistic, will be considered by our review committee, as will the team’s collective expertise and the overall proposal presentation. Our desire is to work with you to get your film funded easing the minds of your investors by allowing them to write off their contributions. and seen. Your written proposal and budget should show us how you plan to bring your concept to life both financially and creatively.  The One Race Human Race Foundation will select a finite number of projects to partner with that align with our objectives. To be considered, please complete the application form below.  A determination letter will be emailed out within 7-10 business days indicating if your project was selected for fiscal sponsorship.  There is a nominal application fee of $29.95 per application.  In special circumstances, a waiver can be given to indigent filmmakers who need the fee waived and have funds pending for their project which are contingent upon receiving a tax write-off.  If you meet this criteria, please email us at with the subject line FISCAL AGENT WAIVER NEEDED and we will evaluate your situation and provide the link to the free application if you meet the proper criteria.

Interested in Supporting a Project?

If you or your company are interested in donating funds to support a project which is currently partnered with the One Race Human Race Foundation for fiscal sponsorship, click the SUPPORT A PROJECT NOW button below.  Be certain to specify on the form which project you are interested in backing.  Your generous support is greatly appreciated!

We want to empower filmmakers and creatives from all walks of life and by locking arms with them as their fiscal sponsor, we can open doors that are ordinarily closed to them by allowing donors to write off donations to support their projects.

Our Mission

Our mission with regards to fiscal sponsorship is to lock arms with filmmakers creating culturally diverse content and allow them a platform to solicit tax-deductible funds for their projects.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a new wave of creatives who are empowered and granted access to resources and opportunities that are ordinarily hard to come by.  Enabling them to be free to create and not worry about funding and access to capital.

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